Agring Sherwood Photography | Speed River Hiking Trail in Guelph (Guelph Nature Photographer)

Speed River Hiking Trail in Guelph (Guelph Nature Photographer)

March 31, 2018  •  8 Comments

Here we go it's time to post my 52 Hike Challenge #hike3. It's been long overdue. Hike 3 is at Speed River Trail here in Guelph. For this I planned to go solo but when I was about to leave, my husband called my son and said, " let's go hiking!" So I ended up going hiking with the boys! The head trail is located by the Humane Society, the same as Hike 1 but you go to the right to start the hike. Hiking with the boys can be fun, but not so fun as well, lol. As usual the trail was muddy and icy. But it's manageable as long as you're careful. I did fall down on the trail, though. I guess I wasn't paying attention to where I was going. I've been here last year as well hiking with my family in the winter time. So I'm familiar with this trail, but you always see something different evertime you come back.
The last time we started on Niska Rd where the trail ended do hubby had to go back and pick up the car. And we waited for him at the Humane Society area. This time around we started on the headtrail which is at the Humane Society as I said at the beginning. We parked at the Humane Society parking. We finished the hike to the end and came all the way back. The sun was out so some areas were brighter. The river is shining and the ducks were out there enjoying themselves. There was no ice in the river so the water was flowing beautifully. In the forest the trees are standing tall. It looks so serene and peaceful. There were areas that my boys got interested in. The ice on the ground became crystal so they played for a while. We heard birds singing. See some other hikers on the trail as well. Some trees are down shaped interestingly! There are rocks here and there! And we found some berries. You see even in the winter nature never ceases to amaze me! What a wonderful hike with the boys.

Speed River Trail is maintained by the Guelph Hiking Trail Club.

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What beautiful photos you have!
Jennifer Prince(non-registered)
I'd be in much better shape if I did this challenge. Ha! And in the cold weather, too. So fun!! :)
LaiAriel Samangka(non-registered)
Wow, hiking to this beautiful scenery would make me very happy. I love the trail, it looks interesting and amazing. I've been hiking a lot in the deep forest, but haven't tried hiking with the scenery like this. Truly, it is stunning and perfect. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.
Kelly Edgar(non-registered)
I enjoy hiking so much, this looks like a gorgeous and peaceful hiking location. I love that red hiking bag too.
ANITA ZYCH(non-registered)
Looks like a nice trip! Keep it up!
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