Agring Sherwood Photography | Silvercreek Trail in Guelph (Guelph Nature Photography)

Silvercreek Trail in Guelph (Guelph Nature Photography)

February 10, 2018  •  11 Comments

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Last year I signed up for the 52 Hike Challenge 2018 Adventure Series. Due to unexpected weather at the beginning of this year I wasn't able to start as early as I would have. It was really cold for me! Gosh no way! lol

Anyway I started my first hike on the 2nd weekend in January. I solo hike this time since no one in my family wanted to come with me. I started from my own backyard and entered the Silvercreek Trail in about 20 minutes. The entrance is located at the Wellington St. West by the Guelph Humane Society and Waste Treatment Plant . You have to go on the left trail. On your right side is Speedriver Trail.
It was getting dark but I had a good hike. There were lights on the Wellington Road which lit up the trail a bit. It was the perfect temperature for me to hike and I really loved it. I heard that some people like hiking in the winter over summer because it's not too hot! lol
Anyway there was some snow on the trail but not much. I'd never been to this trail before so it was interesting to see the bridge by the river up close. I hiked through Edinburgh and then back to my place. It took me about 2 hours or so and I felt great!

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Isn't winter just so beautiful? But so cold :) so big thumbs up for bracing yourself! Great photos xx
I am not a fan of the cold, but I love that you braved it. You covered a lot of ground! :)
Basundhara Ghosh(non-registered)
Wow that's a lot of hiking ! I love hiking too, but I cannot sustain myself too long. I wish I could do more.
Paula - Gone with the Wine(non-registered)
Looks like a great hike! I love hiking and seeing everything that nature has to offer that way, so I am always up for a challenge. This hike looks a little bit cold though but with the right gear, I'm sure you enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for sharing!
I like you pictures.Very serene and peaceful.
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